Giclée on Canvas
Image Size: 24" x 36"
Price: $325 includes shipping in continental US

  Spirit of the Dawn

like the phoenix rising
into a new and greater form
from the ashes of old
the native american spirit
and its wisdom of reverence
for the earth mother
and the oneness of all life
is rising once more
with the dawn of a new day

the wolf teacher of the medicine ways
howling and releasing the pain
and grief that nature and all
sensitive souls have endured
during these passing centuries
of ignorance and greed

the song bird singing its song of joy
heralds the coming of the new light

and the cosmic eagle
like the great good spirit
bringing its gift of the pipe of peace
calling us to listen
to the inner voice that's saying:
"rise into the new reality of my love and grace
let go into the healing of my gentle embrace
know of the light
that shines within you
know that we are one
know that we are love"